Sunday, June 4, 2023

Saqib Azhar, the Most Influential E-Commerce Mentor in Pakistan

Saqib Azhar is an Enablers’ British Pakistani CEO. Mr Saqib was part of a Lahore-based, Pakistani middle class family. He’s only a film scene in his life narrative. He was a high school average student. Later on he gave intermittent examinations, but he couldn’t obtain satisfactory findings, sadly.

He so opted to do his computer science bachelor’s, following which he began his PKR 2000 internship one month and worked there for three months. He visited the United Kingdom for his master’s degree. Furthermore, he worked half-time selling burgers at the Burger King to manage the accommodation costs.

He received a position at an IT company after several management skills training. Within a few years, he was appointed project manager to lead a team of 25+ employees for the multi-million dollar IT project. He enhanced his competence in IT/web-related projects. He earned PKR15 lac per month at this level when he abandoned his job to focus exclusively on his Amazon business.

He wanted to be part of an average work from 9:00 to 5:00, nevertheless. His purpose was superior. Mr. Saqib Azhar started his Amazon business in the U.S. in 2010, performing Product Sourcing and launching relentlessly. Few of his products have proven to be really successful.

He came back to Pakistan in 2018 and began to establish an entrepreneurial culture for Enablers. Enablers strive to allow people to make the greatest use of their skills through mentorship.

Enablers Started as an eCommerce hub for Pakistan, Enablers understands how individuals strive to make their online companies profitable. The facilitators can fix it by teaching them tried and effective techniques’ step by step. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re just starting, or selling for a while!

Enablers aim to help generate 200,000 companies and 2 million jobs in Pakistan and add another 50 million exports to Pakistan’s International E-commerce Marketplaces, boost the way in which local firms function, enhance Pakistan’s growth economics and extend our ecommerce enterprises internationally.

Enablers Pakistani students have generated sales of $35 million, along with hundreds of success stories.

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