Monday, December 11, 2023

West imposed sanctions on China over violating human rights

About 12 million Uighurs, mostly Muslim, live in northwestern China in the Xinjiang Region. Their number is less than half of region’s population. The Uighurs speak their own language and ethnically close to people in Central Asia. In recent decades, there has a mass migration of ethnic Han and livelihood of Uighurs is under threat. China has also arrested Uighurs in camps in northwest Xinjiang and charged with torture, forced labor and sexual violence. After this it was fact of thinking that China will face sanctions from world commuity.

Western countries have announced sanctions against Chinese officials for violating the rights of Uighur minority. Sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes, have targeted senior officials in Xinjiang who are suspected of harassing Uighurs. It is a coordinated effort by the European Union, UK, Canada and the United States.

Those subject to sanctions on China include Chen Mingguo, which the European Union says is responsible for “serious human rights violations”; Wang Mingshan and Wang Jungzheng. The Xinjiang Manufacturing and Construction Corps Public Security Bureau, was also subject to sanctions. But Chen Quanguo, is not on the list.

What is world community saying about China?

Human Rights groups say China has arrested more than a million Uighurs and locked up in hidden camps in Xinjiang. The administration is accusing of forced sterilization of women. There is clear evidence of forced labor and systematic rape, sexual violence and torture.

British Foreign Minister said, “The abuse of Uighur Muslims is one of the worst human rights crises of our time. The international community simply cannot look the other way.”

China’s stance on allegations and sanctions

China says reports of Uyghur detention are completely false and misinformation. They denies all allegations about reducing the Uighur population through mass sterilization and allegations of forced labor are “completely lie”. China also justify that Uighurs were fighting for an independent state, planning bomb attacks, sabotage and civil unrest, It is necessary to prevent terrorism and eradicate Islamic extremism. About camps in Xinjiang region, they said, It is a “re-education” facility use to fight terrorism.

Many European officials are also sanctioned in a counter by China. Ten people and four organizations in the European Union has been sanctioned.

German politician Reinhard Butikofer is one of the highest ranking officials on China’s list. Adrian Zenz, a top Chinese political expert in Xinjiang, and Swedish scholar Bjorn Jerden were also targeted.

The sanctions mark a rare escalation in diplomatic tensions between important trading partners. The officials are prohibited from entering or doing business in China.

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