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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra will have six cameras: Leaks


Today we have another Galaxy S21 leak that seems to confirm some of the features that published by WinFuture releases. With this latest leak, we already have a better idea of ​​what to expect – especially in cameras. In short, hardware appears to be a key part of Samsung’s plans to take over the high-performance iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It is reported that the S21 Ultra will offer a 3x and 10x telephoto camera (72mm and 240mm equivalent focal length, respectively) with optical image stabilization. This is an additional rear view camera compared to the three rear sensors on the S20 Ultra.

Photo WinFuture
Photo WinFuture

The S21 10x lens uses a folded optical design like the telephoto camera on the S20. We hope that Samsung will again offer hybrid zoom that goes beyond this 10x optical range.

Some other subtle camera updates appear to be in the works as well. The main 108 megapixel camera has a slightly wider 24mm lens (compared to 26mm And WinFuture says that while there are similarities between the paper and the camera’s main sensor with the latest generation, it’s a new sensor that should offer better image quality than the newest one.

In the past, Samsung took a more difficult approach to mobile imaging than hardware, increasingly using its own sensors instead of ditching Sony. It’s too early to start using dual and triple lenses in devices.

One of the reasons Samsung is so obsessed with high-end hardware is that their computer photography doesn’t go well with Apple or Google. It’s just a recently added feature like night mode. But it’s now a year back and more needs to be done to catch up with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The video was once the reason for Samsung to equate games with Apple. This is an area where software can do so much without having the right hardware behind it. Samsung usually has great specs when it comes to video – the S21 Ultra offers 8K recording at 12K Max, 4K at 12 Pro Max, but the proof will be in the footage. Samsung is determined to continue to build on its capabilities in this area.

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