Sunday, October 1, 2023

Samsung Promises Regular Phone Updates From Next Year

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone has yet to get the One UI 5 updates for Android 13 on October 24. It’s been about two months since Android 13 is first did make available. Since then, Samsung has come out with several newer models.

This makes it feasible for Samsung to release One UI 5 faster than ever. It’s also impressive that the Korean company did try to cover as many devices as possible instead of just focusing on a few high-end models and waiting until 2023 to cover the mid-range ones.

Even so, it has already set its sights on next year. In a post that now does publish in Korea, Samsung thinks about how quickly it got One UI 5 on as many devices as possible and promises to release future versions even faster and on even more devices.

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In just a few years, Samsung has gone from being one of the worst Android OEMs in terms of software updates to be one of the best. This is good news for Samsung’s customers.

Samsung says that the Galaxy A52s 5G phone, the Galaxy A32 phone, and the Galaxy Z Fold2 phone will all get the One UI 5 with Android 13 updates by the end of the year. During the last week of this month. The up-to-date software will arrive on all Galaxy S20 and Note20 devices around the world.

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