Monday, December 4, 2023

Samsung Dropship App Transfers Files to Any Device

The new Dropship App from Samsung makes it easier to move information between computers and mobile devices. At the moment, you can only get it through the Galaxy Store in South Korea.

You can use Samsung Dropship App to send up to 5GB of data per day to other people by uploading it through the host device and making a QR code.

It’s not clear what kinds of files you’ll send and receive. But the screenshot shows that you can share media like photos and videos and that the program will keep track of your file exchanges.

Until further notice, it’s almost impossible to get the app. This is because, in addition to an Android 13 phone, the recipient must also own a Samsung account. In fact, the Galaxy S22 series is one of only a small number of phones that can run Android 13.

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Luckily, the recipient doesn’t need the app or a Samsung account. By scanning the QR code, anyone can start downloading it right away. The main benefit of Dropship is that it lets you share information without becoming did give access by Bluetooth’s slow transfer rates and the requirement for being close.

When you scan the code, you do not need to worry about how fast your internet connection is or how close your phone is to the host phone.

Dropship is only available to people in Korea right now. So there is no information about when it will make available to people in other countries. The release already does push back to at least 2023 in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Even then, only Galaxy phones with Android version 13 may become able to use it. So S22 users then have priority.

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