Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sam Lutfi expresses regret for disappointing Britney Spears

Sam Lutfi believes he “let down” the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker Britney Spears and failed to “protect” her after she was placed under conservatorship in 2008.

He was previously accused by Jamie and Lynne Spears of taking “control” of their daughter while she was suffering from her mental health in 2007.

Britney Spears told a court last month that she thought the conservatorship was “abusive” and that she didn’t want other people in charge of her affairs any longer, and Sam remarked on her statement on Twitter.

On Twitter, he said: “This is an early message of jubilation, but at the moment, there is a new sheriff in the city. The battle may come to a close, but cure is an enormous enterprise that still has to begin. All in the army, God bless. I love all of you (sic).”

Britney Spears got another court mandate directing Sam to stay away from her family in June 2019, a year after the previous court order expired, alleging he had caused “serious emotional anguish” by threatening and insulting her family.

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