Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Actress Sakina Samo boycotted ‘The Crown’ after casting of Humayun Saeed

Pakistani actress Sakina Samo is not happy with new role of Humayun Saeed in new Netflix series ‘The Crown’. She has no problem in expressing her displeasure. The star resorted to Twitter to talk about the cast selection process.

A user said, “Maybe credit belongs to Jemima Khan as she was one of the narrative advisors for season five for picking Humayun”.
Sakina responded that there must have at least four other Pakistani actrors auditioned for this role. I don’t think she deserves any credit for it.

Moreover, Sakina Samo went on to say that she will not be viewing the Netflix original series ‘The Crown’ since it stars Humayun Saeed. Fawad Khan would have done a better job if he had been cast in series.

Just seen a photo of Dr Hasnat. Humayun may look like Dr. Hasnat now, but they’re displaying him from the 1990s.

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