Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Sajal Ali: Our country is morally debased and ugly

The thought-provoking tweet came from actress Sajal Aly, and we couldn’t agree more with what she had to say.

Although it is unclear to whom she is talking, many people believe that the tweet is a reference to the recent accusation that the wanted former military officer, Major Adil Raja, made. This is true even though it is not clear who she is talking about.

Adil Raja, whose vlogs are known for spreading false information and lies, has started a campaign to hurt the reputations of Pakistan’s most successful models and actresses.

In his most recent video blog, he made the outrageous claim that Pakistan’s models and actresses have been “used” by the country’s premier intelligence agencies as bait to record scandalous videos of politicians. He claimed that these agencies had done this in order to obtain damaging information about Pakistani politicians.

The retired major did not borrow the artists’ names, but he did use their initials, which he referred to as MK, MH, KK, and SA, respectively.

As soon as Adil Raja’s video blog got a lot of attention, his fans started posting pictures of Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali, and Kubra Khan on their social media accounts. 


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