Monday, December 4, 2023

Kronos Attack hits Sainsbury’s payroll System Affecting 150,000 Employees before Chrismiss

According to the Report Sainsbury payroll face strong cyber attack by Kronos attack the attack hits many UK and USA business. A cyber assault on the payroll system provider for Sainsbury’s has resulted in the loss of about 150,000 Sainsbury’s employees. According to the Mirror, Sainsbury’s payroll system supplier, Kronos, which is based in the United States, was targeted by a cyber assault on Saturday, leading the UK shop to lose a week’s worth of data.

Despite the data loss, Sainsbury’s has guaranteed that all of its 150,000 employees would get their paychecks in time for the holiday season.

In order to ensure that staff get paid the proper amount, including the overtime that is prevalent during the holiday season, Sainsbury’s has implemented a system that uses previous data and takes into consideration work patterns.

“We’re in close communication with Kronos as they investigate a systems issue,” a Sainsbury’s spokesman told the newspaper.

We have contingencies in place to ensure that our staff continue to get their salaries in the meanwhile.”

Kronos, a company that provides payroll systems to businesses around the world, has announced that some of its services will be unavailable for several weeks as a result of a ransomware attack. Ransomware is defined as when criminals gain access to a computer network and demand a ransom in exchange for releasing the information.

Meanwhile, Kronos is working to resolve the problem, and the company has recommended merchants to “consider and adopt alternate business continuity strategies.”

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