Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saif Ali Khan reveals what he’s learned from his kids

Saif told CNBC he learned to be “humble” from Sara and to smile from Ibrahim. The star told Taimur to avoid junk food. Saif said, “Sara hates insulting people and acts smart around smart people.” She’s calm and pleasant, without ego.

She helps me be modest. Ibrahim is laid-back and mischievous. His personality is fun and laid-back. Maybe I learned to smile and enjoy life. Taimur warned me against junk food. “Pretend a fruit is a chip,” he remarked. ” Saif claimed he’d joined Taimur in taking guitar lessons.

Saif and Amrita Singh’s children are Sara and Ibrahim. Taimur and Jeh are Kareena’s and Saif’s children. In a recent interview, she discussed Saif’s relationship with his children. said, “Why bother?” Everybody has time. Saif has a child every decade, he says.

Sometimes being together is fantastic. If he wants time alone with Sara, he’ll tell me. He’ll sit like I do. I’ll give her time. Together, they’ve vacationed. They have everything, but just one father. Saif must also give his kids time. “I don’t think like people do.”

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