Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sagarika Suman files complaints following threats of Raj Kundra

Several developments in the case of businessman Raj Kundra have come to light since his arrest on July 19, when he was charged with allegedly producing pornographic videos.

Model Sagarika Shona Suman, who had previously spoken out against the businessman, has now filed a police report in response to the threatening and abusive phone calls she has received subsequently. According to News18, the model has received ‘rape’ threats via phone calls since speaking out in the pornography racket case, which also purportedly involves Raj Kundra.

According to News18, Sagarika stated in her police complaint, “Calls from people who threatened to murder or rape me, as well as being rude and disrespectful… I am afraid for my life because there may be some lunatics and crazy people out there who, as Raj Kundra followers and friends, will go to any length to kill me or my family.”

Sagarika had previously told Etimes that she was sad as a result of the threat calls she was receiving from various internet platforms. She claimed that she was receiving phone calls inquiring as to what wrong Raj Kundra had done.

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