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Sadpara’s chances of survival are slim, his son said

Sajid Sadpara, son of missing Pakistani climber Mohammed Ali Sadpara, said his father’s chances of survival are “almost zero”.

Speaking to reporters in Skardu, where he arrived earlier on Sunday, Sajid said, “The rescue operation now only makes sense to get his body back. Otherwise, everyone has a chance of surviving 8,000 meters.” up to three days almost nothing. “

Sajid said the team of four climbers started the climb on February 5 (the night between Thursday and Friday) between 11pm and 12pm. “Unfortunately, I lacked oxygen in winter and was around 8,200 meters. I felt that my health and mental condition were affected.

“My dad said he had a different oxygen tank to use. But when I started putting in the oxygen mask regulator, it leaked. So I came down, “he said. Sajid said the last time he saw his father he was at a narrow spot of around 8,200-8,300 meters on Friday around 11am, the most “technical” part of the climb.

“I believe he made it to the top and was on his way back, after which he had an accident, which is why he disappeared,” he said. Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner of Shigar, Sajid Sadpara, had arrived safely at Skardu.

He said helicopters searched the area with Sajid and Dava Sherpa leading the K2 winter expedition to an altitude of 7,800 meters, but found no “evidence of bad weather”.

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