Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sabir Hashmi, man behind the hate campaign against PM Imran Khan arrested

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing arrested social media activist Sabir Hashmi on Monday, accusing him of participating in a hate campaign against Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media platforms.

A complaint has been filed against the accused in compliance with the relevant of the FIA Cyber Crimes Act.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency, Sabir Hashmi, a social media activist, was involved in a smear campaign against Prime Minister Imran Khan on the social media platform Twitter, through the use of hashtags.

The FIA’s Cyber Crime Circle also seized the accused’s mobile phone, which was then utilized to initiate an additional inquiry.

The FederalĀ Investigations Agency (FIA) investigates cybercrimes such as these on a regular basis and frequently brings the perpetrators to justice.

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Recently, the Cybercrime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a guy who was accused of blackmailing a woman through her obscene recordings. The arrest took place on February 9 and was made public on February 10.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency, the accused and the married woman met on social media a week ago and became friends. According to the woman, the Lahore man was blackmailing her by making use of her purported illicit videos and demanding money from her.

The accused distributed immoral recordings to her relatives, including the woman’s husband, after she refused to deposit money to the accused’s account.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) responded to the woman’s allegation and apprehended the offenders in Lahore.

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