Saturday, December 9, 2023

Russia invited Pakistan for meeting on Afghan Peace

Pakistan with other regional countries has invited by Russia to an “extended troika” meeting on Afghan peace held on March 18 in Moscow.

Russia’s TASS newswire quoted Russian President’s envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, as saying that the US, China and Pakistan invited. Also the Afghan government and Taliban have invited to an upcoming extended trilateral consultation on a peaceful solution in Afghanistan.

“This is not even a conference, but consultations from an enlarged trio: Russia, the United States, China and Pakistan. Yes, we are also inviting representatives from the [Afghan] government, Afghan statesmen and a Taliban delegation,” Kabulov said.

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Mr. Kabulov visited Pakistan on 19 February to discuss Moscow’s plans for a meeting.

On that occasion, Pakistan announced its support for Russia’s peace and reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan.

The four countries will hold consultations in Moscow on the 18th

“The Foreign Minister stressed the importance of regional consultations. Also to assessed the role of the four-part negotiations in supporting the Afghan peace process,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation in Afghanistan, Faraidoon Khawzon said, key Afghan politicians has invited to meeting on Afghanistan.

The planned Russian meeting coincides with another US push to speed up the peace process.

US needs to accelerate Afghan Peace plan

The US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad was in a meeting with General Qamar Bajwa. He stressed the need to accelerate progress towards a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan, the US embassy said.

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The Biden administration also plans to call on the United Nations to convene a meeting of foreign ministers and envoys from Russia and Chin. Also from Pakistan, Iran, India and the United States so that regional countries can meet to take an integrated approach to promoting peace process.

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