Monday, December 11, 2023

Russian forces started large scale armed exercise in Pacific Ocean

Ministry of Defense announced that Russian military forces has started a large scale exercise in the Central Pacific. Upto 20 warships supporting vessels and submarines, as well as 20 aircraft will take part in the exercise. The military exercises began a week after the US announced the 2021 Agile Dagger military exercise in the Pacific.

Exercises are to assess combat readiness and test the capabilities of forces.

The task is to lead a diverse group of armed forces at a considerable distance from the base. It is for the protection and security of maritime communications and regulate the interaction of the ship’s task force. Tasking the submarines against an imaginary enemy is also including in exercises.

Russian forces warned British destroyer during exercises

A Russian warship fired warning shots at a British Navy destroyer as it entered Russian waters in the Black Sea near Crimea. Russia claims it as its territory. Moreover, Russian jet also dropped a bomb but as a warning.

HMS Defender of British Royal Navy. — File/Photo

This incident is first time since after the cold war but it can cause growing risk and tensions between Russia and Western countries.

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 that condemned by the West. They still considers it Ukrainian territory. NATO members, Turkey, Greece, Romania and some other are on Black Sea but US and UK warships came here frequently to support Ukraine.

Although, HMS defender left Russian waters shortly after the incident. They were daring to reach 3 kilometers.

British and Ukraine’s Ministries responded to incident

British Defense Ministry later denied Russian allegations about any violation of its waters. It also added that HMS defender had not warned of targeted by Russia. Moreover, warship has not recognized any bomb nearby.

HMS Defender just going its passage through Ukraine’s waters according to international water laws.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister also said in a tweet that this incident shows clear position of his country. He added Russia’s action is only kind of aggressiveness and brutal in Black Sea. We need our US and NATO allies’ support.

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