Monday, December 11, 2023

Russia Fined Facebook,Telegram for not Deleting The Banning Content

According to Russia Media regulator, Russia fined big tech companies Facebook, Telegram for not deleting the banning content on their platforms. The Moscow District Court on Thursday imposed an additional millions of rubles fine on Facebook and Telegram for failing to remove banned content according to Russia’s media regulator, court spokeswoman Zulfiya Gurinchuk told Sputnik.

Specifically, earlier in the day the court heard four charges against Facebook being fined 17 million rubles ($236,000), the official said.

“Telegram was found guilty of administrative offenses under Article 13.41, Part 2 of the Act on Administrative Offenses in Russia. He was fined 10 million rubles,” Gurinchuk added.

The official did not disclose what content on social media contradicted Russian lawmakers, but similar assessments have passed in recent months over the social network’s inability to remove posts encouraging minors to participate in unapproved demonstrations.

Facebook fined 26 Million rubles and telegrams were 5 Million rubles last month.

Roskomnadzor said In March that it would impose fines on VK, TikTok, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for violating its rules and regulations. Any company can fine up to 4 million rubles for failing to remove illegal content after being notified by observers.

If they violate the rules again the fine will increase to 1 tenth of the company total revenue.

Other countries have urged social media companies to do more for police content. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with representatives of social media companies last week and warned that unless they accept hate and racism from their platforms, they will fine 10% of their global sales.

A Russian court expect to rule on Thursday on two similar charges against Twitter (TWTR.N), which has been facing criminal delays in Russia since March.

The latest fined by Russia on telegram is very important because it has gained popularity popularity in the country.

Although Telegram started its operation in 2017 in Russia.

 It is widely used by Russian citizens to communicate on discussion channels and news groups. Russian authorities also regularly use telegrams to transmit official news.

In 2018, Roskomnadzor blocked Telegram for refusing to release encryption keys and suspecting users of plotting acts of terrorism on the platform.

The guard officially withdrew the request to limit requests last year.

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