Friday, March 31, 2023

Rudolf Weigl, a Polish scientist, is honoured in a Google Doodle

In a lively graphic on the occasion of his 138th birthday on 2nd September, Google Doodle honoured Polish inventor, doctor and immunologist Rudolf Weigl.

The first effective vaccine against epidemic typhus is attributed to Rudolf Weigl for producing one of the oldest and most infectious diseases.

In today’s Google Doodle special, Rudolf Weigl has a test tube in his guanced hands. There are lice drawings and a human body on either side of the wall. Google was spelled on a bunsen doodle with a microscope and beakers at its laboratory table.

Rudolf Stefan Weigl was born in Przerow, Austria, on 2 September 1883. A Polish inventor studied biology and was named a Polish Army parasitologist at Lwow University in Poland in 1914.

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