Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Rosie Gabrielle confirms her wedding with Pakistani Traveler

“I AM MARRIED” confirms Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle, who converted to Islam in January and married to Pakistani vlogger Adeel Amer.

Rosie Gabrielle opened her Instagram account and confirmed her marriage.

Rosie Gabrielle & Adeel Amer. _ Photo/File

She gave her husband a photo of her idol and said, “I’m married!” haunted by the hearts and emoticons of the wedding group.

“I never thought that I would come to Pakistan and fall in love with not only with the country and the people, but also with a very special person,” she also said in a sentimental and enthusiastic post.

“I’ve been looking for it all my life. My soul mate, my love, my best friend.”

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The Canadian vlogger added, “Before I came to Pakistan, I betrayed my need to find someone. I made a pact with God that if I had to spend the rest of my life living for him and myself to love without needing someone to” take care ” me. So, I finally realized that I was Enough and I didn’t need anyone to heal me.”

“Giving is a nice thing, when you do it, you are rewarded ten times. The divine word, let go of your desire for your needs because what I have prepared for you is much greater and it is.”

“I have not only found my soul mate, but also my best friend. The person I will cherish every day and continue to love more deeply. Someone with whom I can share every detail of my life without guilt or judgment, who is the one who encourages me to continue to be a better person. People who love me unconditionally and have loving patience and grace for my journey. People who light my life and inspire me every day with their love and actions. Someone who compliments me perfectly.”

She added, “Our love is written in the stars. There is knowledge and subtle connections that I have never experienced, and more than that, it is as if we have lived thousands of lives before. In the most inconceivable place I have ever found such love rarely so deep. God gave me for you and you for me to reflect His divinity.”

“To find a sacred calling in our life, our souls appear with a heart that elevates friends, companions, motivators, inspirations, my heart, my soul, my love, my husband @adeelamer,” she concluded.

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