Saturday, December 2, 2023

Romanian President Signs Bill To Ban 5G on Huawei Devices

According to the Report, Romanian President signs the bill to ban 5G on Huawei devices due to the security concerns of their country. Romanian President Klaus Johannes signed a Washington-backed law on Friday. This law de facto ban China and Huawei from participating in the expansion of their 5G telecommunications networks for security reasons. (Reuters)

“On the occasion of the visit, a letter of intent on 5G technology was signed between the two governments. Because the security of the next generation wireless communication network is important to ensure prosperity. But also national security,” Johannes said in a statement. In Romania in the United States said the document did not identify a specific company.

“The memorandum does not apply to certain companies. But a memorandum that explains several criteria for transparency, rule of law, and others,” Johannes said.

The memorandum sets out transparency criteria for providers selected to set up 5G networks.

The US is one of the countries accusing Chinese company Huawei, one of the largest telecommunications technology providers, of engaging in Chinese surveillance operations.

The centrist government of Prime Minister Florin Chitu, an ally of John, approved a ban on Chinese-controlled companies in April. This later dissolved by parliament.

Romanian 5G ban for US and China

Europe has become a cold war technology battleground between Beijing and Washington, and European rivals Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia could become a supply duo if China gives in.

The draft law base on a memorandum between the US and Romania from 2019. This states that both governments stated: “A careful and complete assessment of 5G providers require as part of a risk-based approach”, in which the information provided by a controlled providers rejected by foreign governments and lack of transparent ownership.

Romania was a loyal ally of the US even before joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2004.

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Washington sees Huawei as the backbone of the Chinese Communist Party’s global surveillance engine.

Huawei has repeatedly denied espionage for the Chinese state.

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