Thursday, March 30, 2023

Robot appointed CEO of $10 billion Chinese Metaverse company NetDragon

‘Ms. Tang Yu’ is an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot that is named the Rotating CEO of Fujian Chinese Metaverse company NetDragon Websoft, a subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft, and a Chinese Metverse company Giant. Ms. Tang Yu is in charge of the efficiency and organization of the company. She will be the first artificial intelligence to hold an executive position.

A Chinese company called NetDragon Websoft which makes mobile apps and also runs online multiplayer games has hired an AI-powered robot to help promote its products. Dr. Dejian Liu, who is the Chairman of NetDragon, says:

We think that AI is the future of corporate management, and the fact that we hired Ms. Tang Yu shows that we are ready to fully embrace AI to change the way we run our business and, in the long run, drive our future strategic growth.

Everyone’s first thought was, “This is the beginning of the end.” Many people think that the dystopian future shown in James Cameron’s epic science fiction film “Terminator,” in which an evil artificial intelligence called Skynet takes over the world, has come true. This became one of the first times people can see AI in the news. It showed how skeptical people were at the time.

But the company says that its products and services are good for society. The new CEO says that he wants to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and also cut waste. The robot CEO will act as a real-time data hub powered by analytical technologies. This will make it possible to make reasonable decisions every day. The new chief executive officer plans to implement AI in HR to improve morale and also guarantee timely paychecks.

Dr. Dejian Liu has said this about this

Tang Yu is responsible to nurture talent and provide fair and efficient workplaces. The company says that putting a robot in charge of the company does make things run more smoothly by speeding up and improving the quality of work. The report went on to say that the robot would make it easier to keep track of risks and make good decisions about daily operations.

It’s clear that this is an experiment and a marketing move by the company, and so far. It appears to work: the company is being talked about in most news outlets right now. Also, the robot is very likely to work, which will bring a new era to the field of artificial intelligence. The AI industry is already growing very quickly, and Gartner predicts that by 2022. It will reach worth $62 billion, which is a 21.3% increase from 2017.

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