Friday, April 19, 2024

Rihanna responds to her billionaire status in three words

Rihanna stated that once she became a millionaire, she was fortunate. The value of “working” is believed to be over $1.7 billion.

Thanks to her extremely popular singing career, as well as her fashion and beauty companies, Forbes magazine reports that she joined the billionaire club.

She just answered the question of a 247 photographer of Paps.TV what it means to be a “made millionaire.” “God is good.”

Forbes touted her outstanding income as the world’s richest female musician and is Oprah Winfrey‘s second most rich female entertainment.

And while the 33-year-old singer is the richest feminine musician, the most share of her profits are her fashion and cosmetics companies.

The magazine stated that Rihanna had about $1.4 billion of her riches, which she announced in September 2017, from her fifty per cent ownership in Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna has grown into Fenty Skin and shortly to start a fenty fragrance since the initial introduction of her shade-inclusive make-up business.

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