Monday, December 11, 2023

Try simple ways to reduce your daily food wastage

Food wastage is not only a social issue but it is also a concern for the ecosystem. Because of this, it is critical to take tangible efforts to guarantee that food is wasted as little as possible. Here are some suggestions from a well-known Nutritionist to assist you in taking the initial step.

“Wastage of food is always a greater issue than many people realise it. Purchasing more food than we require, allowing fruits and vegetables to rot at home tend us to waste of food. Also consuming greater quantities than we can consume, place an additional burden on our natural resources and harm our ecosystem. When we throw away food, we throw away the fruits of our labour, our efforts and our priceless resources. Putting it another way, food waste increases greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to climate change,” nutritionist explained.

Here are three simple strategies to re-establish a connection with food and everything it represents:

Reduce: Improve food storage and decrease food waste at home to save money. Purchase only what you will use, then utilise it all.

Reuse: If you don’t finish everything you prepare, freeze it for later use or incorporate it into another meal.

Recycle: Always try to recycle you food as much as you can. With this practice, you may even create your own green patch of fruits, veggies, or herbs to use as a source of nutrition.

As for us, it is our responsibility to modify our habits so that food waste is no longer an option.

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