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Reasons behind Shahzad Akbar resignation exposed

The reasons for Shahzad Akbar resignation as the prime minister’s advisor on accountability were revealed after he failed to present the premier with entire details of corruption cases, as he was required to do, according to sources.

The primary reason for Shahzad Akbar’s resignation was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s dissatisfaction with the government’s failure to provide entire details of corruption cases.

Several days ago, it was learned that the prime minister had requested information on corruption cases from Shahzad Akbar. However, when Shahzad Akbar’s briefing and the cases’ documentation were compared, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) discovered discrepancies.

According to the sources, the PMO had also discovered inconsistencies in the chronology of the cases when compared to Akbar’s briefing to Prime Minister Imran Khan. PM Khan had conveyed his dissatisfaction with Akbar’s performance two days prior, and the PMO requested that the adviser submit his resignation.

Shahzad Akbar, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Accountability, resigned from his position earlier in the day, according to reports.

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He announced his resignation as the Prime Minister’s adviser by posting a message on the microblogging site Twitter.

“I have resigned from my position as Advisor to the Prime Minister today.” As set out in the PTI’s manifesto, “I really hope that the process of accountability continues under the leadership of Prime Minister IK.”

“I intend to remain linked with the party and continue to contribute as a member of the legal fraternity.”

Shahzad Akbar was appointed as the Prime Minister’s advisor on accountability and internal affairs in December 2019.

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