Saturday, December 2, 2023

Raj Kundra Dispute: 5 major disclosures in the case

Raj Kundra was all the news this week. He was involved in an adult film racket, after which Mumbai police arrested him on 19 July.

Many people were shocked by Raj’s arrest, which was reportedly accused of creating porn movies and disseminating them via mobile applications. He was brought in on Tuesday (20 July) at the Esplanade Court but was subsequently condemned to judicial prison for up to 23 years.

Raj’s residence is raided by the Crime Branch

The crime branch raided the Raj Kundra residence and discovered a server there and recovered about 70 porn videotapes that were alleged by the Raj Kundra’s PA, Umesh Kamat, according to a storey published by The Times of India.

During lock-out the business of Raj Kundra expanded

The Mumbai Crime Branch reporter, Raj Kundra’s porn business grew during the lockout, reported on Mid Day. Kundra launched this company just 18 months ago, according to Milind Bharambe, the Joint Police Commissioner for Crimes, but it expanded quickly and nearly everyday he gained the lakhs.

In order to prevent arrest, Raj Kundra brib the Bombay Crime Branch.

Another Mid Day storey suggests that Raj Kundra has delayed the arrest till now by bribing policemen from the Crime Branch by paying Rs 25 lakh. The sources claim that Arvind Srivastava also known as Yash Thakur, king of the porn racket arrested in March, made this disclosure.

Poonam Pandey and Sagarika Suman say that they are being intimidated and harassed

Summan has aggressively talked against the arrest of Raj Kundra, Poonam Pandey and Sagarika Sonam, and made startling statements. Sagarika accused Raj of requesting a nude interview, according to an article published in Republic World. After she talked to Kundra, she stated that she received threatening calls.

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