Sunday, December 10, 2023

Raj Kundra attempted to contact for pornographic material: YouTuber Puneet Kaur

YouTuber Puneet Kaur has opened up a message against jailed businessman Raj Kundra that he has reached her via social media for his mobile application, which apparently publishes the pornographic stuff he produces.

The YouTuber also stated that after getting the DM or direct Kundra message, it couldn’t at the beginning believe that this message had truly been sent by him and felt it may be a spam message.

“You OGS Broooo recall our verified DM video for Hotshots, whence did he contact me? I’m dead, I’m just dead, “In a news report regarding Raj Kundra’s playing a vital part in creating a hotshoto application, Puneet Kaur wrote about her Instagram tale.

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