Sunday, October 1, 2023

Queen worried about Prince Andrew’s age: “No alternatives”

Prior to her passing, Queen Elizabeth II experienced feelings of pressure regarding the future of Prince Andrew.

According to Robert Hardman, an expert on the royal family, the Duke of York has been in trouble ever since his sex scandal and has been completely shunned by the royals, in contrast to Harry, who is enjoying his life in California. Hardman says that the Duke of York has been completely abandoned by the Royal Family.

Mr. Hardman shared the following with host Jo Elvin: “In some ways, I’m of the opinion that Andrew, the Duke of York, was the source of the most concern.”

“The reason for this was that Harry still has a long life ahead of him.”

“He’s doing well, he’s content, he has a wife and a young family, and he’s got possibilities,” you may say of him.

“I think her concern was that the Duke of York didn’t have any options,” he continued. “I think that was her main concern.”

When “it came to Andrew,” Mr. Hardman made the observation that there was “no short-term remedy” available.

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