Monday, December 4, 2023

Queen Elizabeth requested restitution for Britain’s participation in the slave trade

A Jamaican official told Queen Elizabeth that her country planned to seek reparations for slavery.

In this context, Olivia Grange, Jamaican Minister for Culture, told the British monarch that a petition will be delivered.

Grange said she would want to request reparations from the Queen for all the people of her nation, according to

The magazine requested the Queen to pay Jamaica billions of pounds for the slave trade role played by Britain some 400 years ago.

“The politicians said that we are particularly delighted to report that we have taken other efforts to find a remedy for the victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade.

She added that the National Reparation Committee of Jamaica supported the petition and agreed “In the case of the Jamaican government’s involvement in the petition the Chambers of the Attorney General would have to look up the merits of the petition.”

Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth of the British and the Queen of Jamaica is the British queen.

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