Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Queen Elizabeth returned to work and conducted two virtual meetings

As the Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker tested positive for Covid-19, Queen Elizabeth has returned to work and held two virtual meetings from Windsor Castle. There is no sign of 95 years old British Queen slowing down.

Prince of Wales had a private meeting with his mother Queen Elizabeth before learning his COVID infection. The Queen’s health has continuously followed, although she is not showing any signs at this time. They have all vaccinated, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker and Her Majesty.

The Queen Elizabeth met with Estonian and Spanish ambassadors to the United Kingdom today through video conferencing software.

British Royal Family response to the epidemic and Queen Elizabeth with other family members began holding virtual meetings. They are giving the public a glimpse into their private lives at home. Virtual audiences allow the Queen to remain in Windsor Castle while visitors have greeted at Buckingham Palace through a video display.

Moreover, Princess Anne shows that she is helping her mother with the new equipment. Princess Anne and Queen Elizabeth were on a conference call in the documentary. Whereas, she asked Queen Elizabeth, “Is everyone visible to you? Ideally, you should be able to see six persons.” “Yes, well, I can see four anyhow,” the Queen responds.

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