Monday, December 11, 2023

Putin’s opponent shifted to penal colony at outside Moscow

MOSCOW: Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny has transferred to a penal colony in eastern Moscow. He has to serve a sentence for violating parole, the public commission that monitors prisoner’s rights said on Sunday.

Alexei Navalny is the most prominent opponent of Putin.  Whereas he has sentenced to two and a half years in prison this month at a facility in the Vladimir region, about 200 km east of the capital.

He convicted of a parole offense while recovering from a poison attack in Germany.

For several days, Navalny’s allies knew nothing of his whereabouts. But the head of the federal prison service said that he has shifted from Moscow detention center to the colony.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny sentenced to two and a half years for violating parole rules.

While reports of Navalny’s possible whereabouts circulated in local media over the weekend via unnamed sources. Than Moscow public commission issued a statement saying he was at a federal prison service facility in the Vladimir region.

“We have 100 percent information that Navalny came to the Vladimir region to serve his sentence,” Alexei Melnikov told media.

“First he will be quarantine, then he will take to the colony,” he added.

Reports in Russian media indicated that the final destination of the opposition figures is colony №. 2 in the city of Pokrov.

Media reported that the colony was “strict” on “disciplinary compliance” and that Navalny would find it difficult to make calls because cell phones were banned and telephones frequently malfunctioned.

Media also quoted unnamed sources as saying that “Kremlin critics would have the opportunity to work as cooks, librarians. Also as masked sewers or machinists.”

No any danger to his life

Putin’s opponent Navalny spent months recovering in Germany from near-lethal poisoning with Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok allegedly ordered by Putin, a claim the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.

The 44 years old politician had arrested on his return to Moscow last month, sparking a wave of protests across the country and a brutal police crackdown.

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He has sentenced to two and a half years in the Vladimir region for violating a 2014 probation sentence for fraud, which the EU of Human Rights deemed “arbitrary and manifestly unreasonable”.

Last week, “a Strasbourg based court ordered Russia to release Navalny, saying his life was in danger prison”, but Moscow quickly rejected the summons. Kremlin critics have criticized the probe as politically motivated.

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