Sunday, October 1, 2023

Russian President Putin Orders Apparent new System for Banning Illegal Content

According to the Report, Russian President Vladimir Putin orders new apparent system for banning illegal content form the internet. Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed his administration to study a rumored new system for banning “toxic” online content, however no specifics have been disclosed about the system yet.

“A self-regulated record of dangerous content,” according to the Kremlin website’s listing of presidential directives, would be used to “guard kids” under the age of majority in the country. It would be reviewed by the Kremlin by the first of June.

The directive, which had a deadline of Thursday, was first published on Saturday by Russian media outlets.

According to Putin, preparations for a more comprehensive crackdown on online material are in the works. He blames the internet for corrupting children and igniting public rallies by political opponents who have been labelled radicals by the government.

Last year, Russia increased its pressure on international technology companies, issuing sanctions that included a roughly $100 million charge against Google (GOOGL.O) for failing to remove forbidden information from its website.

Vladimir Putin expressed support for a proposal by a member of his human rights council for a new voluntary method to restrict harmful information, which Russian internet platforms would agree to in exchange for preferential treatment compared to international platforms, which was made in December.

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