Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Punjab starts free online academy counter tuition culture

In order to change the way people in the area think about education, the government of the province of Punjab has started a free online academy for students in the Matriculation or Intermediate levels of school. The school’s materials are available online.

This is why Dr. Murad Raas, who is the Education Minister for the state of Punjab, went on Twitter to announce the start of a new program called INSAF Academy (online Academy). If kids join this program. They will not need to pay anything to get access to a wide range of learning resources.

The materials, which number in the thousands and include lecture notes and sample multiple-choice tests, are to help students prepare for annual tests without having to pay for expensive tutoring. This will save both time and money for the students.

INSAF Academy is an online learning platform that gives students in grades 9 through 12 educational materials. You can choose to read the information on the Matric website in Urdu instead of English. You can also get apps for your phone from the App Store. So you can get the app on the Play Store made by INSAF Academy.

Dr. Murad said at the launch party for the online school that students from all walks of life. Have the same chance of doing well in school at INSAF Academy.

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The Minister has come to the conclusion that all students, no matter where they are in the world. Instant access to high-quality educational information through their home computers, laptops, and cell phones. Since all students possess access to this information, he came to the following conclusion:

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