Saturday, December 2, 2023

Punjab has fixed the retail price of sugar at Rs85 per kg

The Punjab government set a maximum retail price of 85 rupees per kilogram of sugar on Friday after the federal government calculated the price of free sugar at 80 rupees per kilogram and asked the Punjab government to set the retail price accordingly.

According to orders from the Punjab Directorate General of Industry, Prices, Weights, and Measures to all commissioners and deputy commissioners, the retail price of sugar cannot be set at more than 85 rupees per kilogram.

The order states that the percentage of refined sugar is between 92 and 94 rupees per kilogram. The Punjab government has discussed the matter with the federal government on determining the price of sugar and asked for a calculation of the price of sugar for this season.

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The federal government relentlessly gives 80 rupees per kilogram, and the state government discloses the retail sugar level after adding up random costs, transportation, and profit margins including all taxes.

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