Thursday, February 22, 2024

Punjab had 34 dengue infections in one day, raising concerns

A recent increase in the number of dengue virus infections in Punjab has prompted health authorities to sound the alarm, as the province has reported 34 new dengue cases in the last 24 hours.

According to data from the Punjab health department, Lahore was the city with the highest number of dengue cases in the recent 24 hours, with 29 cases reported in the city.

Meanwhile, two instances of the virus have been recorded in Rawalpindi, with one case each in Pakpattan, Jhang, and Gujrat following.

Several health experts have stated that they are having difficulty managing dengue because of an excess of mosquitoes and the existence of stagnant water at numerous locations throughout the province, which serves as a breeding ground for the insects.

The Secretary of Health issues a warning.

On August 8, the Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department of Punjab, Sarah Aslam, issued a notification urging the department to boost dengue prevention efforts across the province following the detection of two cases in the provincial capital.

According to the announcement, two confirmed dengue cases were registered in Lahore at the time.

“A total of 70 confirmed dengue cases have been recorded from across the province this year, with 33 patients having been reported from Lahore,” according to the official statement.

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