Friday, September 29, 2023

PUBG Mobile is experiencing problems with its Pakistani server

On their official Facebook page, PUBG Mobile Pakistan has revealed the issue of Local Server Network.

The game creators highlighted in a statement that current matches can’t be completed properly, and the network ping would be unreliable. “

Since yesterday evening, PUBG Mobile Pakistan gamers had a lot to do with login and network difficulties. Server connectivity and login failures constituted the majority of the problems.

These problems were fixed only temporarily. They’re working from now on. However, gamers have often complained about these difficulties and have begun to push for their own server.

Pakistani gamers must connect to European or Singaporean PUBG Mobile servers to play the game, because they don’t have a server of their own.

Because of the distance from these areas, many players are seeing ping problems and many players have reported terrible or slow links that make the game more difficult to play. Appealing PUBG Corporation is a number of players that establish an official Mobile Pakistan PUBG server.

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