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PUBG Lite version is Shutting down globally after April

The sad news for PUBG fans, the original version of the FPS PUBG Mobile game – PUBG Lite -will release later this month. Krafton has announced it will shut down the free Lite version on April 29, The Verge reports. New downloads close on March 30th.

Player Unknown a.k.a Battlefields PUBG is rolling out across multiple platforms. To improve accessibility, several versions of the game have released for PC and mobile phones.

One of these recordings will no longer be available at the end of this month. Yes, PUBG Lite, the game version for PC and laptop, will close this month.

The same has been confirmed by game publisher Krafton on its official website. In their notes, Kraftons Spiele stated, without giving any reason, that the game will no longer be available for download starting March 30 and PUBG Lit service will end on April 29, 2021.

Here’s what Crafton has to say: “We are very grateful for the tremendous enthusiasm and support from the PUBG LITE fans that have been with us. We wish PUBG LITE a success in this stressful period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a fun way to be safe. Unfortunately, after much deliberation. , we made a difficult decision to close the service and it was time to end our journey. We regret to announce that the PUBG LITE service will end on April 29, 2021 (UTC). “

Difficult Decision for Team

Surprisingly, PUBG Lite started off well and widely used. The game’s publisher even made it completely free and dumped the game’s currency last November. But in the end it didn’t seem like there were too many players in this game.

For those of you who don’t know, PUBG Lite launched in beta in Thailand in January 2019. It well received the community and Krafton recognized for its efforts to make the game more accessible.

PUBG Lite also works well on relatively simple computers, so more people can log in and enjoy the “Chicken Dinner!”

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According to Krafton, the game is no longer available for new users to download. Existing players can continue playing until April 29, 2021 at 5:00 (UTC).

Support for PUBG Lite players will officially end on May 29, 2021 (UTC). It should be noted that PUBG Mobile Lite is a different game and this does not affect the mobile version of the game.

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