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Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa’s PUAADA Punjabi movie is all set to release

Against the backdrop of a turbulent covid year, Punjabi cinema is finally open now and hope for first film with a big banner. Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa‘s PUAADA is a Punjabi movie and set to release in theaters on August 12, 2021. Following the second wave of COVID, the decks are cleared, So audiences can head to the cinema and enjoy this highly entertaining action.

PUAADA Punjabi movie has produced by Atul Bhalla of A&A Pictures and Pawan Gill of Brat Films. It directed by Rupinder Chahal.

“We were nervous and excited about this film. It became special to us because it has made with so much love, but we had to wait so long for this film to come out. It should keep people entertained in the midst of these difficult times. Someone has to lead and start the film industry. There are many families who depend on this industry for a living,” said Sonam Bajwa.

Ammy Virk said, “The aim of this film is to make people forget about everyday stress, especially the fear of a pandemic. And “PUAADA” is film that will make people laugh, cry and refresh themselves.”

This is a full length entertainment film about the love story between a farmer and an educated girl. The twists arise when he refuses to marry her. The contents of the trailers and films have received positive reviews from the audience.

Sonam’s character is a strong girl as she is daughter of an Air Force officer. A strange twist in the plot stems from the conflict between the both families. Like all families of defensive origin, the girl’s family expected her to marry in their own way. But she fell in love with a farmer. Conflicts between families are full of fun.

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