Friday, September 29, 2023

PTCL Group Ends Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PTCL & Ufone 4G, the biggest telecom company in Pakistan, held a webinar with Maroof International Hospital in Islamabad to teach its female employees about breast cancer and also how to prevent it.

The webinar, the awareness campaign, and also the international “Pinktober” campaign came to an end. The main speaker at the event, Dr. Saira Mehmood, highlight the role of self-examination for early detection. Which, she said, is the key to making a full recovery from the disease that can kill you.

Starting at the beginning of October, which often does call “Pinktober,” PTCL and also Ufone 4G lit up their buildings with bright pink lights. Changed their corporate logos to pink on all digital channels to bring attention to breast cancer.

This many with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital on an SMS broadcast campaign to educate its clients. Each week, an official survey encourages women to self-examine their breasts to catch any issues early.

PTCL and Ufone also did start a digital campaign did call “The Pink Club” to teach all female employees. About the disease and also what makes them more likely to get it.

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PTCL employees wore pink ribbons for the whole month of October to show their support for efforts to end breast cancer.

The goal of the PTCL Group is to help get rid of breast cancer in Pakistan. The Campaign did aim to raise awareness of the disease and encourage action. Because it not only puts people’s lives at risk but also has big financial and social effects.

With Pakistan’s incredible dedication to getting rid of breast cancer. We may see a sharp drop in new cases in the next few years.

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