Friday, December 1, 2023

PTA will scan the telecom sector to avoid cyber attacks

According to reliable sources, PTA plans to do monthly passive risk screening of the Telecom Sector.

According to sources in the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), the PTA did passive risk scanning before the national days (14th August and 6th September 2022). This exercise is first done on the infrastructure of operators in categories 1 and 2. It is visible to anyone in case of a cyber event.

Sources said that the effort led to seven rounds of scanning that strengthened the security of the top 22 telecom providers. The PTA plans to keep this event going on a regular basis in the future.

Insiders at the PTA say that Indian hackers also did increase their attacks on Pakistan’s government websites over the past few years. When Pakistan celebrates its national holidays, Indian hackers often take advantage of the time to post content critical of the government on Pakistani websites.

According to LahoreHerald, a government official said that Indian hackers are indeed responsible for a lot of hacking and defacement of government and ministry websites between 2017 and 2021. He also said that the PTA sends advice to commercial sites often. They are self-managed since hackers cause service outages and steal important public data.

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Those hackers can possibly go after Pakistan’s communications industry. The PTA did ask the telecom sector to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from cybercrime, industrial espionage, and sabotage. To stop these kinds of attacks, the regulator will also occasionally do passive risk scanning that doesn’t involve breaking in.

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