Monday, April 15, 2024

PTA Urges Federal Govt to Start 5G Work Now

According to citations by sources, the PTA has done ask the country’s federal govt to quickly start developing 5G.

In a letter, the PTA did ask the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications (Federal Govt) to begin developing 5G technology. People did ask the government to approve the 5G standards and tell everyone to start using them.

So that they can hire an international consultant, the MoITT and PTA say they want at least three generation cellular assignments to start getting and completing. The process of hiring an international consultant takes almost six months. During this time the PTA must work with Pakistani embassies and consulates abroad to place ads in international media.

The PTA will get a full report from the International once it has did talk to all the right people and operators. After a thorough assessment, the federal government can ask the consultant to update the report.

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Findings from within PTA suggest that this preparation is necessary before the government’s 5G rollout. So that 5G does use as soon as possible, this process will also do finish in the next six to nine months. As a bonus, our work will help us learn about the needs of the business community and other relevant parties. After getting feedback from a wide range of relevant parties. The MoITT finalized its 5G guidelines and sent a report to the federal government.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications says that Pakistan is much behind other countries in the region in rolling out 5G. 5G has already been used in India and Bangladesh.

The government will start rolling out 5G sometime in June 2019. Spectrum band determination and spectrum pricing must now begin. When the guidelines are did accept by the federal government. All of the groups will start working on their own parts.

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