Thursday, April 18, 2024

PTA Prepares Regulatory Consultation Framework for Matters

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) did make a framework for public consultation on regulatory issues. This is because it did decide to get public feedback on proposed new rules.

The framework explains how and when the public and other important groups may get did consult when new laws are in place. Before putting in place any new rules. The PTA will place a notice in newspapers and on its website asking the public what they think about the issue.

If it turns out that a public hearing is necessary, the PTA will let the public know and carry one. According to the rules, anyone can send in a request to attend the open meeting. At the public hearing, the PTA will give each side an equal chance to make their case.

Section 4 of the Act says that before making a final Determination. The Authority can do research, bring in experts, and collect data through surveys and analyses. Hold public hearings to get feedback.

After the consultation, the decision is sometimes final as the authority’s choice. If PTA thinks it’s necessary. It can ask for feedback from all stakeholders online or give them a chance to say what they think.

According to paragraph (1) of regulation 51 the Regulations. The PTA can set up Advisory Committees and place on them whomever it thinks is best. Such as representatives of users of telecommunication services, chambers of commerce and industry, telecommunications carriers, other relevant actors, and officers of the Authority.

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Before any new rules are in place, the PTA’s relevant directorate will look at the situation and make a list of those that do affect it. The relevant PTA divisions and offices will then look at the issue’s stakeholders, impact, costs and benefits, risks and distribution effects, and current laws.

Within 45 days of the end of the analysis, the public and all stakeholders will have their say. 60 days after the consultation, a summary of the main points did rais will be made public. 90 days after that, the PTA’s final decision or statement then does make public.

The purpose of the PTA regulatory consultation Framework is to take action and keep track of the rules set up by the PTA Act. By putting this structure in place, the consultation process is expected to become more open and effective.

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