Friday, March 31, 2023

PTA launches flood-related travel SMS service

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the National Highways and Motorway Police announced on Sunday that mobile customers can now get travel advice via SMS. The PTA has now launched a travel-related SMS service, announcement official (NHMP).

The goal of the advisory, according to the data, is to let drivers know that they need to be extra careful when driving on highways and motorways that lead to flooded areas. This is what the writers of this article want drivers to remember after reading it.

People will learn more about how dangerous it is to go to areas where a flood warning is already issued. This should cut down on the number of people who decide to risk their lives by going there. The overall effect of this result is going to make people more aware.

As of the middle of July, more than a thousand people die because of the flooding that started in the middle of the month and spread across the country. The flooding has affected a lot of the country. Because of the flooding, a lot of harm has occurred all over the country.

The National Disaster Management Authority says that in the last twenty-four hours. Close to one hundred and twenty civilians died directly because of floods. The National Disaster Management Authority has made this kind of information available to the public (NDMA).

Since June 14, floods have completely or partially destroyed 3,451 kilometers of roads and 150 bridges.

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