Thursday, June 8, 2023

PTA demanded YouTube to restore channel of religious scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has publicly demanded Youtube to restore the channel of religious scholar Doctor Israr Ahmed. His official account has blocked some days ago.

According to PTA, the authorities have filed a letter to the YouTube management. They demanded the video-sharing site to restore Youtube channel of Israr Ahmed immediately.

Furthermore, Dr. Israr Ahmed is a notable Muslim scholar. The closure of his channel raised concerns about the arbitrariness of online expression restrictions. The videos on Dr. Israr Ahmed’s blocked YouTube account comprised explanations of Islamist discourse. These are including Quranic teachings as well as lectures on the application of the Islamic system in the social and cultural spheres. According to authorities, such videos have merely intended to be educational in nature for the audience members.

Moreover, the PTA claimed in their letter that Dr. Israr Ahmed is a well-known Muslim scholar. His lectures are for educational reasons only and therefore cannot consider as hate speech.

The world’s largest video-sharing website YouTube has removed the official online channel of Dr. Israr Ahmed. Whereas, it happened after complaints that the channel contained anti-Semitic remarks.

On the other hand, the followers of the Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed expressed displeasure with the initiative. They are claiming that he was a great scholar of Islam. He never preached violence and urging his followers to obtain an education and become familiar with modern technology.

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