Friday, September 29, 2023

PTA Could’t End SIM Fraud Despite Complaints Stack up

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) did its best, but fake SIM card fraud for mobile phones couldn’t get out there.

According to a government document that LahoreHerald did look at. Fake SIM card fraud are did use in more and more scams and financial scams. It also did find that fake SIM cards became did make with silicon thumbprints that still do make using fake fingerprints.

According to the FIA Cyber Crimes document, as of the year 2022, 88,156 complaints about fake sims do file. A report says that stolen SIM cards are still did use in 24,853 crimes this year.

The newspaper says that in 2021, the FIA Cybercrimes division got 100,772 reports from the public about fake simulators. Fraud has also done happen using mobile sims, and the people who did this do offer money and prizes.

The documents also show that 5,508 investigations into financial crimes are also done so far this year. Since the start of 2022, the Cyber Crimes Division of the Financial Intelligence Agency has been able to log 449 cases of fraudulent financial activity.

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The PTA and other groups are starting to worry about how common silicone thumbs are. Over the past three years, 79,559 of these prosthetics are already doing found. According to this report, as of this writing in the year 2022, 6,106 silicone thumbs are first did find. So far this year, PTA and FIA agents are already able to recover 15,211 fake SIM card fraud and 15 biometric devices.

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