PTA blocked 452 links to trailers for the blasphemous film Netflix

The Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan (PTA) has blocked 452 links to a trailer for a blasphemous film uploaded to Netflix.

Judge Aamer Farooq heard a petition from the Islamabad Supreme Court (IHC) regarding the film’s blasphemous content, in which PTA lawyers filed a report with the court.
According to the defendants’ attorneys, the bodies found 778 connections with defamation content, of which 452 were blocked.

Although the court appeared satisfied with the PTA report, the plaintiffs’ lawyers requested that the case be adjourned and requested a new report from the agency.

According to the PTA, the trailer for the film was uploaded to Netflix, which is not under the jurisdiction of Pakistan.
The court ordered the PTA to submit a new report at its next hearing.

During the last hearing, the PTA said it could only enforce regulations for the social media giants if they set up offices in Pakistan.

He proposed that Netflix completely ban the uploading of blasphemous films, while asking social media platforms like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to open businesses in Pakistan over the next six months.

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