Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Provinces to keep flour prices under control: Hamad Azhar

Finance Minister Hamad Azhar has instructed provincial government officials to take appropriate action to control wheat flour prices. The guidelines were issued by the Minister of Finance when chairing the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) meeting.

Hamad Azhar instructed the provinces that wheat must be delivered smoothly and on time in coordination with all federal and provincial organizations. He welcomed the steps and initiatives of the provincial government in this regard. He called on the provinces to take all possible measures to ensure smooth supplies of wheat at fair prices.

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Last week NPMC reviewed the historical prices of basic necessities, especially wheat flour, sugar, vegetable buffalo, chicken, and eggs. The finance secretary briefed the commission on the weekly SPI, which fell 0.42% while prices for 12 basic goods fell and 24 items remained stable during the week, he added.

The finance minister asked the provincial food secretary for details on sugar prices in related markets and ordered close monitoring of retail sugar prices to ensure a stable supply and to address price differences effectively.

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