Monday, April 15, 2024

Priyanka Chopra told she could “leave” on equal pay demand

Priyanka Chopra opened mouth this time when she has asked to leave the film after discussing pay equality issues. She also remembers about motivation to stand up for herself after talking to various women in the field.

During an interview with Skimm’d on the couch podcast, talking about the incident. Priyanka Chopra claimed that the film’s owner told her that she could “take the paycheck” after discussing salary versus her husband.

According to her, the producer once said, “There are so many other girls who will take this opportunity. And the women in the film are interchangeable.”

“I didn’t do anything,” added the Quantico star. “I had to work in the system because we were told, ‘you know, if you want this job … that’s the only way.'”

She remembers how it took him nearly 15 years to get place where she was finally able to assert herself. “I need to hear the conversations of other women who have come together to give me the confidence to stand up for myself,” continued the actress.

Chopra recently appeared on Netflix’s White Tiger, based on Aravind Adiga’s award-winning novel Man Booker. The film, which made its debut in industry a few weeks ago, has received praise from viewers and critics alike for its dark humor and boldness.

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