Saturday, December 9, 2023

Private organizations demand that schools in Islamabad be opened immediately

A number of private school associations have asked the government to allow educational institutions to reopen immediately in Islamabad.

The call comes a week after the Federal Ministry of Education and Training announced that all educational institutions in Islamabad will remain closed due to their positive attitude above 5%.

The association said the resumption of educational facilities was due to the fact that the proportion of coronavirus positives had fallen below 5%, while the infection rate in the capital had fallen to 3% in recent days.

“The closure of schools in Islamabad is worrying despite the low positive ratio of the coronavirus,” the association said. The association is demanding the government immediately issue a notice allowing schools to reopen in Islamabad.

On May 22, the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), which is leading Pakistan’s coronavirus control efforts, ordered the province not to rebuild education facilities in areas with high rates of COVID-19 infection.

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In a letter sent to the province, the NCOC stated that educational institutions in areas with positive levels of the coronavirus should not reopen on May 24 as previously decided.

Instead, they have to stay closed until June 6.

“Areas where the infection rate is lower – less than 5% – could reopen educational institutions (May 24),” said a statement sent to the province.

NCOC has set a 5% limit on school reopening. If the infection rate in an area is above the threshold value, the educational institution there cannot be reopened.

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A decision on whether educational institutions can reopen on June 7 will be made on June 3, the letter added.

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