Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dubai’s Princess Latifa is on European Vacation with her friend

Princess Latifa, aged 25, is daughter of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. She tried to flee from Dubai but the escape went wrong. She had captured by commandoes and forcibly brought back to Dubai. She held alone in villa with all windows and doors closed and guarded by police. But now it look different that one of Instagram post shows she is in Madrid with her friend.

She barely seen or heard for months. This latest image appeared on Sioned Taylor’s public Instagram account. This is the third photo posted by Ms. Taylor, who lives in Dubai and is an old friend of Princess Latifa. Amazing European vacation with Latifa and we have a great time exploring.

In May, Ms. Taylor posted two more photos on Instagram featuring Princess Latifa at a mall in Dubai and then at a restaurant in the city. It seemed like a significant improvement in Princess’ situation. It continues to improve and hope it will return to public life at the appropriate time.

Some months ago, her footage showed a trapped woman who appeared to be in trouble. After it aired, her friends and supporters feared she is still alive. Now today they are optimistic but remain cautious about some unanswered questions.

How the world responded to Princess Latifa issue?

In a video recorded, she said her life is very tight. She hasn’t been out of the country since 2000. She really just wanted to travel, study and do something normal. In February, a footage also showed of Princess Latifa held in a villa and feared for her life.

While in response, UN human rights experts have said she should be released immediately. UN also asked for solid evidence that she is still alive.

Co-founder of the Free Latifa campaign said that it is delighting to see Latifa allegedly has a passport. She is traveling and enjoying an increasing degree of freedom. He added that he is unable to provide further comment at the time.

As usual, there is no comment from the Dubai authorities. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) only said it is family matter.

About her situation, we can only know the truth if she has permission to go foreign country as a single woman.

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