Friday, December 1, 2023

Princess Diana once wanted to know about Islam, says Anwar Hussein

Photographer Anwar Hussein once advised Princess Diana about Islam and difficulties of interfaith marriage. He worked closely with Diana and has subsequently documented her life in a walk-through documentary.

Princess approached Hussein on a trip in the 1990s. She arrived and murmured, ‘Can I have a chat?’ as the lights darkened on the aircraft. She was aware of the fact that I had married to Caroline. Whereas, Princess Diana was curious about Islam and wanted to know about reality of interfaith marriage specially Muslim with any other.

Moreover, Diana was dating Pakistani cardiac surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, who was also a devout Muslim. She regarded Khan as the one guy who will never sell me out and the two were profoundly in love. Hussein explains that she has drawn in by her experience with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Despite the fact that she didn’t mention him, she presumed that I already knew about him. She may have concerned about how her family would respond to him.

World’s first walk-through documentary, Princess Diana: Accredited Access depicts Diana’s rise from a timid young woman to a powerful worldwide star. Chicago and Los Angeles already have it, and New York will get it later this year.

Furthermore, Hussein remarked about his lifelong friendship with Diana, “I saw every facet of the princess. In other words, she was a real person with real character.”

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