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Princess Diana had multiple affairs while married to Prince Charles

A host of ‘Good Morning Britain’ claimed that Princess Diana had multiple affairs with different persons while married to Prince Charles. She was not as innocent as people thought and her hands were not clean.

Public perception of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship has criticised for being too skewed. An important question about Charles is whether he possesses the Queen’s innate sense of what matters most in terms of public interest. This is something that has remained an unanswered question throughout his life.

Host inquired that since when has everyone’s remembrance of what happened all those years ago so focused on one side. For the simple reason that, let’s face it, Diana had more than a few extramarital affairs.

At the time, Princess Diana had involved in multiple affairs with upto ten different people. However, all of whom the public was unaware of. Although, her romantic affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan has known publically.

One of the most successful ways Charles has demonstrated this ability is through his campaigning on environmental issues like climate change. Patti Palmer-Tomkinson welcomes Charles and Camilla to her house in 1986 and that’s the end of their third and final relationship.

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